Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying to get settled in...

We have finally moved into the house now and everything is beginning to settle down... at least in theory.  The house is still a disaster area but slowly is starting to become a home.  There have been the unexpected hurtles, like the mold in the basement, the cardboard box walls in the storage closet with exposed wires right next to the copper rod hanger..., the rain that occurs every day we have off to mow the lawn... those types of things.

One of our dogs has been proficient at catching mice/shrews/voles/moles in the backyard.  He tried to bring it inside this morning.  Jared didn't have his glasses on though and thought he was carrying a piece of poo (I know... he is a disgusting little dog) and told him to drop it.  Then he found his glasses and realized what it was... after disposing of it the little mutt has been looking for more :S