Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You should be dancing

A tax dollars hard at work, sitting on the side of the road taking a break. It's too bad we can't watch government workers like the government wants to be able to watch all of us. That could be a bit, what's the word, ugly? Not quite the right word, no, terrifying that describes it a bit more aptly, I think. I'm supposed to be working on a paper, but I need some instigation to get some perspiration so we can all have some inspiration. This is just more fun anyway.

Who knew that you're teeth were worth so much? It turns out that to replace a tooth it costs $2-5k. If I would have know this, I would have sold me teeth a long time ago and never told anyone. Pam's almost got her new tooth, and we're very excited to have this new member of our family join us. She went in earlier this week and it was good too, her gums were encroaching on the implant and the screw was starting to come loose as a result. Good thing the dentist had his pliers and a laser handy! Few people know this, but gums are a very aggressive and obstinate species. You think teenagers or terrorists are hard to deal with, try getting your gums to eat their vegetables and to leave their bombs in the box instead of taking them to bed with them. Good luck with that. I've tried to get Pam to take up smoking because she would have a handy place to hold her cigarette with the tooth missing. She didn't like the idea though and said she would if I took up being castrated (she didn't say it like that, but I can't really write what she did say. Not because it's inappropriate or anything, but because I really can't write what she said. I think it was the gift of tongues. I did understand one thing she said sort of, though, it had something to do with taking out the kitchen garbage. It was very confusing and garbled. I almost cried. It was a good thing I had my G.I. Joe action figures near me to hold me and keep me warm till the storm passed.) Hooray for teeth!

I promised some people that I would put up pictures of the inside of our house on here, and I"m still planning on doing that, it's just not going to happen right now. There are a few dead bodies that still need to be rendered and the place cleaned up before Pam is willing to let me take any pictures and post them on the internet. Did you know you can't cure cannibalism? I didn't even know it was a disease. Also, why do cannibalism and cannabis sound so much alike? I know the one can make you a bit paranoid, but I'm hoping it doesn't lead to the other. I'll let you decide the order.

Sleeping can be fun. It can also be entertaining, especially if you're watching someone else sleep. Not in that creepy way, like watching them from a tree with binoculars, but like I'm a light sleeper and wake up to just about every noise, including my own snoring. The other night I woke up to Pam telling me no. It amused me and I waited for a little while and she did it again. She seemed a bit upset with me over something. Thankfully it was a dream. She also tends to kick and throw fists if I roll over and touch her even a little bit while she's asleep. It's okay though because I snore like a banshee that has a terrible cold that won't go away. I was talking in my sleep the other night too, though Pam said she didn't remember what I said, only that it made her laugh and then she kicked me to get me to shut up so she could go back to sleep. I now know where those mysterious bruises come from. =D

Being married is great. I should get back to writing things that I'm supposed to be doing.

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Charlie Pulsipher said...

I hate it when my snores wake me up...especially in the middle of church or conference calls.
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