Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Furtive Holidaze

This thanksgiving was a nice. At first we were a bit sad that we weren't going to be seeing any family. Then we heard about all the crazy weather everyone had and we were very happy we weren't doing any travelling this thanksgiving. Pam made her first turkey, and it was the best ever! We went out to a local farm and picked out the cutest looking turkey. The farmers pulled him out and then they were kind enough to even let me cut his head off! Unfortunately we didn't have the camera with us, otherwise we would have some nice John Carpenter-esque pictures of thanksgiving to share. As it goes we have one that reminds me of a ball of snot.

It looked much better after all was said and done, thanks to Pam's amazing skills as a first time kung-fu-chef. 

I'm still mostly a vegetarian, but seriously, I have to get protein from somewhere and I'm about as close to convincing Pam that blue cheese tastes good as I am to convincing her that we should start cooking with tofu. Somethings would be nice-world peace, honest politicians and free lasers for every kid that gets a B on their first geometry test-but they're not going to happen in this lifetime. The turkey she made was amazing though! We also made some dinner and cinnamon rolls. 

Later we played fat dog and that was about it. 

Our dogs were festive as well

I think my family will be happy to know that I have not outgrown the childish tendency to draw on the family dog(s)-none are exempt, cracker just happens to be the easiest as he's all white. I've thought about pimping him out as a billboard, but Pam says it's not a good idea. 

TW found out how delicious rabbit tastes the other night-I had to go out in my pajamas and bring him in because we wouldn't listen us and out yard is pretty deep-and ever since then he has spent almost his entire time outside looking for either the rest of the rabbit that magically disappeared by the time he went outside the next morning, or an entirely new one. It's nice to know that he keeps other animals out of our yard. I'm just glad we don't have badgers nearby. 


Amateur Steph said...

Go Pam! I cooked a turkey once. It ended badly.
I too wish that I could see your pictures of turkey decapitating.
And Cracker? YOu should totally pimp him out.

P+J said...

I would pimp him out, but Pam stole my sweater-it's the purple one she has on in the pictures. It's my pimp-out-the-dog sweater and I can't without it and she won't give it back. =(