Saturday, December 11, 2010

The joys of being home all day long...

I really have discovered the joys of drugs... they do all kinds of funny things to the mind.  You don't even feel falling down after suddenly loosing your balance trying to take your clothes off to get in the shower... granted I did feel it the next day.  To friends and family:  I sincerely apologize for any odd texts that may or may not have been sent.  I don't even remember sending half of them.

The dogs thoroughly enjoyed me being home for a couple days straight.  They did however get rather uppity.  TW has now decided that reading should not be allowed.  Everytime I try to read he bats my book down and lays on top of it insisting he needs to be scratched immediately.  Bella cannot be separated from me any longer.  Then I would let her outside to go potty she would immediately run back to the door and start howling.  And Cracker has decided that my baths are his baths also.  Everytime he hears the bath water running he makes a mad dash toward the bathroom.  It is kinda funny to see him completely wipe out as he hits the bathroom surface giving me enough time to unceremoniously kick him out of the bathroom.

Oh the joys of being home...


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