Friday, December 17, 2010

The Joys of Something or Another

It's a strange coincidence that almost every single day that Pam has off I have to be into work early, and usually end up having to stay late. Today, for example, I had a fellowship application due and so even though I'm done with classes at this point and had no real reason to come in, I had to be here for about six hours. I know, my life is very tragic, I can come in for six hours and call it a full day, not really do anything other than review what I've already written and still get paid the same as if I'd come in and slaved my a mad whore to satiate my insatiable clients appetites only to be told I'm not good enough, nor will I ever be able to rise to their standards-Chuck, I'm having strange recollections of you describing your soon-to-be old job-only to have my pay docked. I guess that's why they have pimps, then no one can dock their pay no matter how lousy they perform. I think politicians must have pimps in the background that no one really knows about or is not willing to talk about if they do know about it. I'm finished now and waiting for Pam to come pick me up. We're going to go out and celebrate, I'm not sure what, but we're celebrating and that's good enough for both of us. Hopefully we don't get too wild and wake up the proud new owners of a giant pig farm. I don't think Michigan has many pig farms, and that's what worries me the most.

This last week TW and cracker have decided that they don't hate each other anymore and can be friends, or at least friendly to each other. Usually cracker comes anywhere near TW and TW starts growling and wants to tear crackers face of-stupid cracka'! Get outta my hood! Normally bella gets along great with cracker, but since tw and cracker have been getting along famously, she's decided she no longer likes cracker and has tried to tear his face off a number of times. Those that know cracker can vouch for him being a very loving dog, he's just dumb as bricks for the most part. He will look at you with the most blank expression when you're telling him to do something, unless there's food involved, then he can and will do anything you ask him to do. He'd be terrible as Lassy unless you had treats in your pocket every time you got into trouble. Then again, he'd probably forget to go get help and end up in the bottom of the well with broken legs as well, but at least he'd have those treats in your pocket. Very nice dog. Very stupid dog. Our other two are just racist.

Michigan has finally decided that since it's December it should not just be cold and covered in snow, but that it should be so bitterly cold that you walk outside and you can feel the water you are made up of turning to ice and if you don't move quick enough you will be a human-cicle before you get to where you are going. It makes for turning off your refrigerator to save energy okay though, so it's not all bad.

Pam and I have decided that if we have kids, I will only beat them and so we should just go ahead and schedule a vasectomy for me. No guy is ever happy with someone poking and prodding around down there, well, they don't like real doctors that are doing some sort of check up poking and prodding around down there. But it's for the greater good and thus must be done, so I will bite the bullet (and wooden stick I hope they are willing to give me) and get it over with. Plus, if we really want kids I'm sure Angelina and Brad will be willing to give up a few.

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Charlie Pulsipher said...

Its not the poking and prodding that bother me so much as the scalpels and needles that will be used in such actions. That and their hands are sooooo cold. It is inhuman, like doctors are some weird cold blooded species sent to earth in order to study and disect us while we pay them for the priveledge. Anyhow. Love you. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog.